Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November already!

How was everyones Halloween yesterday?
We had a fun time at my daughters Halloween party at school.
Here are some pictures:

                                          Arriving at school with her brother.

                                          Digging for some bugs, skulls and rats among other things!

                                          Decorating a pumpkin cookie.

                                          Crafting project. I think it was a jack-o-lantern door hanger.

                                           Halloween Bingo!

                                          Ready to go trick-or-treating!  Spidergirl and Black Spiderman!

Hope everyone had a great night, it was quite chilly last night. My sister and i took the kids out around the neighbourhood. We came back in 45mins later because it was so windy! Although, the kids did make a good hauling of candy =) 

I'm excited its November already. That means Christmas is right around the corner. This year i'm going to try to start my Christmas shopping early! haha... we'll see how that goes. Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?

thanks for stopping by!


Thanh Vo said...

So cute! I'm glad they had a great Halloween.

Tracy said...

The little ones are so cute.
They had a fun day didn't they.
The weather here was really nice for the tricker treaters.
No Christmas shopping for me yet. I should at least get a list together I guess.