Friday, October 8, 2010

To Cricut or Not to Cricut ?

My Michaels has the Cricut personal electronic cutter on sale for $129.99CAD + taxes. ( regular price is approx $269.99)

Should i get one? Do you have one? How do you like it? This seems like such a great deal and i've seen it fly off the shelves!! I've always wanted a Cricut so maybe this is the time to get one?
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly welcomed =)



Marlene said...

I guess in Canada, that is a good price. I've seen them as low as $99 here in the U.S. Personally, if you have the money, you would probably enjoy the Expression even more (the larger Cricut). It's pricier, but does a lot more - and takes a larger mat, etc. I had the baby bug and got rid of it when I got my Expression.

Sammye Jo said...

I LOVE m Cricut Expression. If this is the only one in your budget I would say get it over passing it up, but I think I would suggest saving and getting the bigger one in the future. I wouldn't trade my Expression for the world!!! Good luck in whatever you choose!!!

cabio's craft corner said...

Juli, I have the original Cricut when they first came (first day arrival to Michaels and the didn't ever put it up to the shelf yet, lol) Then I got the Expression and gave the original one away to my niece. Depending on what you need that for. Personally, I don't use it that often, but if your are doing scrapbooking maybe it's worth it. Since I do mostly card, I hardly ever bring it out but hide it inside my closet most of the time. But if you ever get one, I would recommend you get a larger one

Miss Mary said...

I love my Cricut Ex...couldn't scrap without it. Did you get it??

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