Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vacation anyone?

So summer can't seem to come fast enough for me!
Haha... i'm pretty much tired of the wind and rain
all day everyday! Oh, we might get some sun a day or so, but thats about it!
Last Christmas my hubby and i decided not to get big
gifts for each other. Instead we used that money for a trip
to Hawaii! Yes, Hawaii =)
Our vacation starts end of May and we can't wait =)
This will be our 3rd time there together,
 2nd time for the kids
and my parents have decided to join us too,
 so this will be their first time!
Coincidently, our 9th wedding anniversary falls in during our vacation,
so maybe my parents could watch the kids for a night ;)
A question for you all who have been to Hawaii or live there.
Any scrapbooking/crafting places i should check out?
Thanks for stopping by!