Friday, March 12, 2010

InStyle Hula Week Photo Contest

Visit InStyle Stamps for more details on their Hula Week giveaways! Mar 8-13.

Photo #3.

(the four of us above the "D") Photo courtesy of my sister Stacey

I had to add this photo. Its the one where we visited the Dole Factory.... mmmmm PINEAPPLES..... i think we between myself and hubby and my 2 sisters,, we spent about $300 on gifts and souvenirs =) ( macadamia cookies, pineapple pancake mixes, ice teas and of course chocolate covered pineapples!! ) If you haven't been, this is one place to visit. They also have frozen yogurts in, you guessed it, PINEAPPLE flavour. AND theres also a maze and a pineapple train ride too!

Photo #4- 5
I love these pics of my DD! She had being goofy and playing with the foldable foam mattress.
I thought it looked Hawaiian! Apparently she loved playing in it, because i found another picture.. hahahaa

I really enjoyed this photo contest! Now gotta convince hubby that we NEED to go back.. hehee

chat later

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Sammye Jo said...

What adorable pictures! They are so cute!!!!!