Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring is in the Air + Giveaway Alert

Today is Day 3 of my " No Sugar Diet" .... Usually one would take it slow and gradually decrease the sugar in take... but i went cold turkey and just stopped eatting sugar... yikes! haha... so far no serious side effects. Though i admit i'm falling asleep a lot quicker at night. No more twisting and turning the last few days. I suppose thats thanks to no sugar in my system. LOL

I'm starting on 2 cards for Mothers Day, hopefully i can complete it tonight when the kids are sleeping. I'm trying out the Microbeads!!! Let me know if you have any experience and if you have any projects to share =)

chat later


Heres another giveaway from All Scrapbook Steals.
Giveaway ends March 10th. GOOD LUCK!

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